24 vs 27-Inch Monitor For Gaming

If you want to buy a gaming monitor but aren’t sure whether to go with a 24 or 27-inch model and couldn’t tell the difference between a 24 vs 27-inch monitor for gaming. If such questions perplex you, take a deep breath and relax. We are here to assist you in figuring it out.

It is critical to choose the right display size. If you do not select the appropriate size for your needs, you will be disappointed. So we’d explain the purpose and benefits of each size. In this manner, the topic of whether to use a 24-inch or 27-inch monitor for gaming, which everyone is perplexed by when selecting a monitor, is addressed.

This time, in response to this topic, we will evaluate monitor sizes, advantages, and downsides, and show a chart comparing 24 vs 27-inches monitor displays. As a result, you can grasp the ideal size selection of a 24 vs 27-inch monitor for gaming. Moreover, you can see our blog on Best Monitors For Warzone to find the best gaming monitor.

24-Inches Monitor:

The standard monitor sizes are 24 inches and mostly have resolutions of 1080 pixels, while a 24 inches monitor can be seen in the market with 4k resolution. But at this resolution, a 24 inches monitor is not normally considered an ideal monitor. We also have recommended some best 24-inches monitors.


27- Inches Monitors:

Nowadays you can see a 27 inches monitor having a resolution of 1440 pixels that is considered an ideal monitor for gaming. But in 27 inches you can buy a monitor having a resolution of 1080 pixels.


Contrasting 24 vs 27-Inch Monitor For Gaming:

Do you have any idea? Both the 24 and 27 monitors are the best-selling gaming displays for digital computers in today’s market. This is due to the fact that each fabricator is focused on producing a size that is simple for consumers to utilize at home. Furthermore, many people use it as a personal computer, thus it is still a useful size. As a result, the adoption between 24-inch and 27-inch monitors will be a significant decision for your future gaming life.

Points of distinction in 24 vs 27-inch monitor for gaming :

Points that distinct between 24-inch and 27-inch monitors are as follow:

Dimensions of 24 vs 27-inch monitor for gaming :

Many people are unaware that the sizes 24 inches and 27 inches refer to the size of the LCD panel rather than the monitor itself. It is critical to know how many inches you have when determining monitor size. You could believe it’s vertical and horizontal; however, this inch represents the diagonal length of the display.

First and foremost, I’d like you to look at the photo comparison. If you position 24 vs 27-inches monitors side-by-side, you will get a sense of the size of the space (27 inches on the left and 24 inches on the right).

If you place them side by side, the diagonal difference will be around 7.5 cm, and you may not see it, but when you position the 27-inch in front of you, you will discover that it is rather huge.

It is easier to understand via draw diagram, so here it is.


Also, the contrast table of the overall length of both 24-inch vs 27-inch monitors is below:

          Monitor          Diagonal       Horizontal         Vertical
24-inch Monitor   60.96 cm     53.1 cm wide       29.9 cm long
27-inch Monitor   68.58 cm    59.8 cm wide       33.6 cm long
Dimensional Difference in cm      7.62 cm    6.7 cm       3.7 cm
Dimensional Difference in %     12.5%      12.6%       12.3%

Distance to easy-to-read monitor of 24 vs 27-inch monitor for gaming :

Another thing to consider is the distance between your eyes and the display. There is an appropriate distance to your display depending on its size. Consider this for a moment: don’t you believe that putting a 32-inch monitor on your computer desk would be too large to run your computer.

                     Monitor Size Distance to Easy-to-Read Monitor
                     24 inches               50cm ~ 60cm
                     27 inches 60cm ~ 70cm
                     29 inches                 70cm ~ 80 cm
                     32 inches                 80cm ~ 90cm

Full HD Image Quality Contrast of 24 vs 27-inch Monitors:

The difference in size, for example, between the 32-inch and 24-inch pictures, will result in a less crisp image. However, if the visual quality of the 27 and 24 monitor versions is equivalent, it is not an issue.

Although 24-inch + full HD is believed to be the most popular, is pixel roughness apparent in 27-inch full HD? When photos from 24-inch + full HD are compared to images from 27-inch + full HD. If you look closely, the left side appears to be a little rough, but there is only a slight difference that you can see when you get this close.

A 4K 27-inch monitor, as opposed to a 24-inch monitor, is also available. However, when I turned the screen upside down and zoomed in on it, I didn’t notice any difference in visual quality. For the 27-inch screen size, a high-quality monitor with full HD resolution is ideal.


Easy to Install Between 24-inch and 27-inch Monitors:

The 24-inch monitors are more convenient for installation because the 27-inch screen is bigger, it requires greater depth to be viewable. Furthermore, the stunts get somewhat larger in proportion to the size, which may take up room on the desk.

These are the measurements. I’d like to see a desk with dimensions of 60cm by 24 inches and 70cm by 27 inches.

Installing a 27-inch workstation is a difficult task. Your desk’s size will decide whether or not it can be installed. If the depth is too shallow, you may make the desk 24 inches deep, suspend it with a monitor arm, or attach a keyboard slider.

Cost Differences Of 24 vs 27-inch Monitors:

When it comes to pixel density and overall visual quality, a 27-inch 1440p monitor is much ahead of the competition. However, because of this, it is significantly more expensive than a 24-inch 1080p monitor. This is due in part to the fact that 1080p displays have been around for quite some time, and technology has developed and become more affordable over time. 1440p, on the other hand, is a relatively recent technology and so comes at a premium price.

When you purchase a 24-inch 1080p display, you are not only saving money on the monitor, but you are also saving money on your PC. This is due to the fact that 1080p graphics do not necessitate the usage of a more costly GPU. A 27-inch 1440p display, on the other hand, needs a more powerful GPU. As a result, you may require a higher wattage power supply. As a result, the overall cost of your setup rises.

If your computer’s GPU does not support resolutions greater than 1080p, there is no use in investing extra money on a higher resolution display unless you intend to upgrade your GPU in the near future. There is the option of purchasing a 27-inch 1080p monitor, which is just slightly more expensive than its 24-inch version, however, doing so results in inferior performance owing to the pixel density issue.

Basic Difference Of 24 vs 27-inch Monitors:

As previously stated, a 27-inch 1440p monitor outperforms the competition in terms of pixel density and visual quality. It is, however, far more costly than a 24-inch 1080p screen.

The reason is that 1080p displays are less expensive than 24 inch 1080p monitors. Because 1440p is a relatively new technology, it is expensive.

A 24-inch 1080p LCD display will save you money. The reason is that 1080p graphics do not need a more costly GPU. A higher powerful GPU will be required for a 27-inch 1440p monitor. This may need the use of a higher-wattage power source. This may raise the price of your setup.

Your GPU might not be able to handle resolutions higher than 1080p. If this occurs, it is recommended to invest in a higher-resolution display.

This is not a smart idea if you intend to upgrade your GPU in the future. A 27-inch 1080p display is available, which is somewhat less costly than the 24-inch model but provides the same performance.

Difference Table of 24-inch and 27-inch Monitor

 24-inch Monitor27-inch Monitor
Diagonal Length in cm    60.69 cm       68.58 cm
Horizontal Length in cm    53.1 cm wide       59.8cm wide
Vertical Length in cm    29.9 cm long       33.6 cm long
Distance to Easy-to-Read Monitor    50cm ~ 60cm       60cm ~ 70cm
InstallationThe compact 24-inch is more favorable for ease of installation.The 27-inch is wider, so it needs some depth to get into view, which may occupy the space on the desk.
Cost     Reasonable price       More expensive
AdvantagesThe main benefit of the 24-inch monitor is its compact size, which is able to set up almost all the desks.Since its monitor size is bigger than 24-inch, it is able to provide more of the field of view with a higher resolution which definitely increases the gaming experience.
DisadvantagesThe screen is a little smaller and has less field of view than the 27-inch monitor.The little bigger size of the 27-inch monitor becomes difficult to grasp the entire screen with the same sense of distance.

We have taken some of the best 24 inches monitors that carry all the specifications that we have mentioned in this blog. If you play Call Of Duty Warzone and Sim Racing games, so these 24 inches monitors would be the best choice for you.

Image Name Features Check Price
ASUS-VG248QG ASUS VG248QG Display size: 24 Inches
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Item weight: 11.50 Pounds
Dimensions: 22.09 x 8.31 x 14.13 Inches
BenQ-ZOWIE-XL2411P BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P Display size: 24 Inches
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Item weight: 13.01 Pounds
Dimensions: 8.74 x 22.44 x 16.97 Inches
Alienware-AW2521HF Alienware AW2521HF Display size: 24.5 Inches
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Item weight: 7.81 Pounds
Dimensions: 20.71 x 21.9 x 9.92 Inches
MSI-Optix-G241VC MSI Optix G241VC Display size: 24 Inches
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Item weight: 12.13 Pounds
Dimensions: 21.38 x 12.84 x 7.05 Inches

Some Recommended 27 Inches Monitors:

After deep research, we have listed the best out of the best 27 inches monitors that cover all the needs of a buyer.

Image Name Features Check Price
LG-27GL83A-B LG 27GL83A-B Display size: 27 Inches
Resolution: 2560 x 1440 Pixels
Item weight: 18.46 Pounds
Dimensions: 10.8 x 24.2 x 22.6 Inches
Alienware-AW2721D Alienware AW2721D Display size: 27 Inches
Resolution: 2560 x 1440 Pixels
Item weight: 13.89 Pounds
Dimensions: 3.24 x 23.93 x 14.02 Inches
ASUS-TUF-VG279QM ASUS TUF VG279QM Display size: 27 Inches
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Item weight: 12.35 Pounds
Dimensions: 24.39 x 8.32 x 14.83 Inches
Sceptre-C275B-1858RN Sceptre C275B-1858RN Display size: 27 Inches
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels
Item weight: 9.26 Pounds
Dimensions: 24.27 x 6.38 x 17.56 Inches

FAQs about 24 vs 27-inch Monitors:

Q. What is the ideal monitor size for gaming?

When it comes to the ideal size display for gaming, a 24-inch monitor is usually the finest option. While any size monitor may be used in principle, a 1080p 24-inch monitor is the best choice.

It is large enough to watch your games without turning your head, and the resolution is excellent. While a 24-inch monitor is excellent for gaming, you may use a smaller or larger monitor depending on your needs.

However, if you have a larger display, you may need to move your head to view the entire screen, which is not necessarily optimal for all sorts of games. With a smaller display, this may be too tiny, causing you to lose out on game details.

Q. Which is better, 24 or 27 monitors?

27-inch at a typical viewing distance, this would give the greatest gaming experience. Although 24′′/1080p is adequate, 27′′/1440p provides a more immersive gaming experience because of its bigger field of view and greater resolution.

Q. Is a 27-inch monitor too big for gaming?

While a 24-inch display is excellent for gaming, you may wonder if a 27-inch monitor is too large for gaming. The simplest response is that it is not too large for gaming.

A 27-inch monitor is not excessively huge, and it is still an excellent choice for gaming if you want a larger screen. The image will remain sharp and clear. You’ll also be able to view more of your game’s finer features.

The only thing to keep in mind when using a 27-inch monitor is that, because it is larger than a 24-inch monitor, you may need to move your head to view the edges of the screen. While this may not affect many individuals, it can be a deal-breaker for others that need to view their entire screen at all times.

A 27-inch display may not be the ideal solution for some sorts of games. However, it is not too large, and if you currently own this size of the monitor, there is no need to acquire a smaller one; it will suffice.

Q. Is a 24-inch monitor big enough?

The most comfortable size for typical desks is 24 inches. However, 27-inch monitors are commonly utilized for high-resolution applications. Anything beyond 27 inches is too huge to be viewed up close at a desk. For office work, a 23-24 inch monitor is common. It’s a terrific value in terms of price and size.

Q. Is a bigger monitor better for gaming?

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to the size of the monitor they should choose.

However, the general belief is that a display that is excessively big might have a detrimental influence on your gaming experience. This is due to the fact that larger monitors force you to move your head in order to see the entire screen, which is inconvenient for some games.

Furthermore, although the monitor’s inches must be considered, the resolution of the display must also be considered. Using a 4K display to play a 1080p resolution game, for example, is not a good choice because the image would be blurrier.

In general, 24-inch monitors are the most suitable choice. Anything less than this might make it difficult to view the game well. While 27-inch displays may be used, they are not suitable for gaming. 32-inch displays are typically too large for gaming.

However, there are no hard and fast laws. The optimal screen size will be determined by the individual.

Q. Is there a big difference between a 24 and 27-inch monitor?

For ordinary desktop space and lower resolution needs, a 24-inch monitor is an ideal option. For high-resolution games and wider vistas, a 27-inch monitor is popular. It all relies on the amount of space available, your money, and your gaming requirements.

Q. Why do pro gamers use 24-inch monitors?

Because 24-inch monitors are the typical size utilized in professional competitions, the majority of pro gamers will use them for gaming. Given this, it seems to reason that while playing games in general, they should utilize the same screen size, resolution, and refresh rate as would be used in a tournament.

Tournaments have defined standards to guarantee that they are fair to everyone who participates.


By comparing the 24-inch and 27-inch monitors by size and comprehensive features, you can understand the benefits and drawbacks of each. In terms of size, consider what you’ll be using the most, as well as whether you’ll be able to retain the space between your monitor and yourself.

However, I believe that each usage style is unique, therefore before purchasing; I propose that you carefully evaluate the size that best matches you. Also, before purchasing a high-resolution display, ensure that you have a strong enough system, such as a PSU and a processor, to play games at the optimal resolution.

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