How To Upgrade The RAM Memory Of A Laptop

Is your Laptop is running slow? And you are on a low RAM memory? If yes, then this article “How to upgrade the RAM memory of a Laptop” is going to help you. There can be several reasons for you to upgrade the RAM on your laptop, the most common reason can be whether your laptop is not performing well while doing multitasking or while gaming or doing some heavy tasks such as rendering a high-quality video or photo after editing, after all adding more RAM can solve your problem.

Most of the laptops do not give you access to the RAM. You can confirm it by seeing step number 2. If you have access to the RAM you can easily change it after reading this guide.

Upgrading your laptop’s RAM (memory) will not cost you much time or money. Upgrading from 4GB to 8GB of RAM can usually cost 25$ to 60$ depending on the company which provided the RAM. And on how many screws you have to open from the back of your laptop.

Here are some steps by which you can upgrade your laptop’s RAM easily:

1-Check how much RAM you are using:

Less amount of memory can often be the reason for slowing down your laptop. While performing multiple tasks or gaming or doing some heavy projects. If you are a power user and working across multiple intensive tabs can slow down your laptop. Adding more RAM can be the solution for this type of headache. To check your laptop’s memory usage simply go to Windows Task Manager, right-click the taskbar and simply select task manager. Now go to the Performance tab to check how much memory is being used by your laptop out of the total memory, here you will see the number of RAM slots that are occupied and those slots which are free for adding more RAM.


2-Check out if you can upgrade your RAM:

Unfortunately, some laptop companies seal their back covering of the laptop or just seal the memory covers, both situations prevent you from adding more RAM to your laptop, another possibility can be that system has a limited threshold of RAM that a system recognizes. To find out whether your laptop has the capability of adding more RAM you can use CRUCIAL, s MEMORY ADVISOR TOOL. This tool will tell you the best RAM module which is available for your laptop.


3-Locating the RAM into RAM slots:

After buying your additional RAM, it’s time to upgrade your laptop’s memory. It is a pretty straightforward process. First power off your laptop and unplug the power adapter, Next open the covering of memory slots, depending upon your system you might have to unscrew the whole back covering of your laptop to operate the memory slots and other components. To avoid any electrical issues discharge the battery of your laptop.


4-Installing new RAM into RAM slots : FINAL STEP:

Now insert the new RAM modules into the specified slots at a 45-degree angle with the gold edges facing downwards. After that Press the top of the module with your fingers to fit them perfectly, When you hear a click sound release your fingers and gently take a sight on the module to check if it is perfectly fitted or not.

That’s it! Now place your battery back into your laptop and power it on and to verify the upgraded RAM, you just have to go to the Task Manager and see that your new memory is showing on your system. Enjoy your upgraded RAM.


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